The Matter of Purbeck

An Art of Magic Saga

Covenants of the Stonehenge Tribunal


Blackthorn is located in a warren of caves under the Black Mountains in south Wales, and until recently was the dominant political force in the Tribunal. This has changed over the past twenty years as more Tribunals have become quorate (valid), and the magi are still scrambling to adjust.



Burnham is located in a stone motte and bailey located in the far notheast of the Tribunal, and has little to do with other covenants. It only rarely sends representatives to Tribunal, and keeps similarly aloof from mundane matters, relying on a grant of immunity obtained from King Stephen during the civil war.


  • Aindread Ex Miscellanea
  • Caitlin Ex Miscellanea, filia Aindread
  • Scintilla of Flambeau
  • Focus of Flambeau, filius Scintilla
  • Sachiko of Merinita
  • Trutina the Quaesitor

Cad Gadu

Cad Gadu is the Domus Magnus of House Ex Miscellanea, located in a series of regiones in the mountains of Snowdonia in North Wales. Normally this would mean great influence, but due to the scattered nature of the House, it is relatively unimportant. This doesn't seem to bother its members, and the covenant keeps largely to itself. 


New Calebais

Calebais is a system of tunnelled halls beneath Hambury Tout, which rises above Lulworth Cove in the southern Purbeck Isles. It gained notoriety in the early 12th Century, when it was destroyed by infighting amongst its magi. It is protected by the Veil, a powerful illusion which covers the surrounding forest, preventing magical investigation and barring entry to intruders.

In 1223, a group of magi penetrated the Veil and entered Calebais, spending many years attempting to defeat the horrors within. In 1232, Gurgeh declared Calebais cursed, and sealed the entrance with stone. Hastus Veriditius constructed five towers around the well, which the magi and other residents now occupy.


Schola Pythagoranis

Schola Pythagoranis does not have a single site, rather being scattered throughout Cambridge. The main center is a large stone hall, near the river. Its magi are scholars first and magi second, and only admit those with the Gentle Gift, as they must be able to live amongst mundanes without causing trouble.



Semitae is a group of wagons, usually about half a dozen. Three of these are unusually large, and made of iron so they can safely contain laboratories. No one is sure how old the covenant is, and where it can next be found - it travels constantly, and the Redcaps arrange their meeting place anew every time they meet.



Ungulus is housed in a single tower that sits on a ridge in the Lake District. The outer surface is covered with intricate carvings. For two hundred years it was home to an eminent line of Veriditius magi, but the last of those magi died decades ago. It is now deep in the throes of Winter, living on past glories and filled with insane magi.



Voluntas is a large and sturdy manor house, built of stone. It has three wings, and a stone wall closes the gap, pierced by a large gate for carts and a wicket gate for pedestrians. It is one of the most vigorous and active covenants of the Tribunal, and is a center of opposition to Blackthorn.


Mercere House

Not a covenant, but a waystation for the Redcaps, a little way outside Coventry. It is built in a weak magical aura, and contains a Hermes Portal which links to Harco, the domus magnus of House Mercere in the Roman Tribunal.



Magi who dwell within the Tribunal, yet do not reside within a Covenant.

New Road

New Road is based in a sprawling system of natural tunnels beneath a Manor Farm. There was also a tower on the surface where two of the magi made their labs. Its magi were relatively young and inexperienced. It was destroyed in 1227AD after incurring the wrath of Richard Poore, the Bishop of Salisbury. 


  • None