The Matter of Purbeck

An Art of Magic Saga



A summa (plural summae) is a work distilling all that a scholar knows about an Art or Knowledge into a single book. As such, they take a lot of effort to write but are very valuable for study. Each summa is described by two factors: its level, which represents how much knowledge is contained in it, and its Quality, representing how well it is written. A student may continue to study a summa as long as his score in the Art or Knowledge that it concerns is lower than the level of the text. Thus, a summa may be studied for several seasons with profit.

Study Total: Quality = XP (Arts) or XP/5(Knowledges).



  • Health and Function of the Human Form, by Arkenor ex Miscellanea (Corpus, level 15, quality 9) 
  • The Passage of the Waves, by Henricus of Mercere (Aquam, level 10, quality 7)
  • Change and Renewal and Decay, by Gerfallon of Criamon (Muto, level 12, quality 5)
  • The Breath of Heaven, by Scottus of Mercere (Auram, level 3, quality 5)
  • Strength of Stoneby Gernax of Veriditius (Terram, level 3, quality 5)
  • Essence of Magic, by Julius ex Miscellanea (Vim, level 3, quality 5)
  • Beginnings, by Odoacor of Merinita (Creo, level 5, quality 6)
  • Healing, by Arkenor ex Miscellanea (Creo, level 3, quality 12)
  • Control, by Pertinax of Tremere (Rego, level 5, quality 7)
  • Mastery and Majesty, by Pertinax of Tremere (Rego, level 3, quality 10)
  • Bone and Sinew, by Maximianus of Bonisagus (Corpus, level 6, quality 11)
  • The Digestion of Food, by Maximianus of Bonisagus (Corpus, level 8, quality 12)
  • The Four Humors, by Maximianus of Bonisagus (Corpus, level 10, quality 12)
  • The Pulse of Magic, by Junius of Tytalus (Vim, level 13, quality 16)
  • Piercing the Veil, by Arkenor ex Miscellanea (Intellego, level 6, quality 8) 




  • Health and Healing, by Maximianus of Bonisagus (Medicine, level 3, quality 6)
  • On the Order, by Deusdeditur of Bonisagus (Code of Hermes, level 3, quality 5)
  • Periphyseon, by John Scottus Eriugna (Philiosophiae, level 3, quality 4)
  • The Sacred City, by Basil Theotokos (Jerusalem Lore, level 1, quality 4)
  • The Balance of Humors, Volume I, by Maximianus of Bonisagus (Medicine, level 2, quality 4)
  • The Balance of Humors, Volume II, by Maximianus of Bonisagus (Medicine, level 2, quality 6)
  • The Gate of Learning, by Alberic of Lyons (Artes Liberales, level 1, quality 7)
  • The Code Interpreted, Volume I, by Tulius the Quaesitor (Hermetic Law, level 1, quality 8)
  • The Code Interpreted, Volume II, by Tulius the Quaesitor (Hermetic Law, level 2, quality 5)
  • A Warning against the Works of Hell, by Brother Humilitas of Caen (Occult Lore, level 1, quality 7)
  • Rules of Church and State, by Philo of Jerbiton (Civil and Canon Law, level 1, quality 5)  


Tractatus (singular also tractatus) are texts that deal in depth with some aspect of an Art or Knowledge. Tractatus about Arts are written about a particular spell, while those concerning Knowledges are about some particular subject within that Knowledge. A tractatus is useful to students at any level of ability, because you can never know everything about your subject. It takes one season to study a tractatus, and a given student may only study a given tractatus once, with benefit.The reader of a tractatus on an Art must already know the spell which the tractatus concerns, but need not have mastered it.

Study Total: Quality  = XP (Arts) or XP/5(Knowledges).




  • The Threshold of Resurrection, by Arkenor ex Miscellanea (Corpus, quality 11), Shadow of Life Renewed
  • Warriors Deliverance, by Hagar ex Miscellanea (Corpus, quality 11), Healers Ring
  • The Purging, by Darius of Flambeau (Perdo, quality 11), The Wound that Weeps 
  • Closing the Wounds, by Maximianus of Bonisagus (Corpus, quality 10), The Chirurgeons Healing Touch 
  • Questions and Justice, by Tulius the Quaesitor (Mentem, quality 10), Posing the Silent Question
  • Authority and Humility, by Deuderach of Tremere (Mentem, quality 10), Aura of Rightful Authority
  • On Standing Firm, by Dhuoda of Bjornaer (Terram, quality 10), Hands of the Grasping Earth 
  • Counsel from Silent Watchers, by Trutina of Guernicus (Herbam, quality 11), Calling the Council of Trees



  • On the Eye, by Maximianus of Bonisagus (Medicine, quality 11) 
  • On Bleeding, by Maximianus of Bonisagus (Medicine, quality 11)
  • On the Limits of Magic, by Arkenor ex Miscellanea (Magic Theory, quality 11)
  • Hermetic Theory, Arkenor ex Miscellanea (Magic Theory, quality 11)
  • The Hermetic Arts, by Arkenor ex Miscellanea (Magic Theory, quality 10) 
  • Legends of Charlemagne, by Arkenor ex Miscellanea (Legend Lore, quality 10) 
  • Theologia Summi Boni, by Peter Abelard (Theology, quality 11)
  • Roman History, ??
  • Roman History, ??
  • Order of Hermes, ??
  • Order of Hermes, ??
  • Order of Hermes, ??



When magi write down their spells, others may use them to learn the spell in question. Often individual spells are complied into spellbooks - these collections often have a theme, depending on the intent of the author. Sometimes a spellbook may contain only one spell.

Assuming that you can read the spell in question, you can learn it in one season if your Lab Total equals or exceeds the spell’s level. You get a bonus to your Lab Total for knowing a similar or variant spell. If the spell is of the General level, your Lab Total is modified by +1 for every five levels of the spell you already know.


  • Safety and Defense by Gaius of Bonisagus, Wall of Living Wood CrHe 25, Ward against Heat and Flames ReIg 25, Aegis of the Hearth ReVi 30
  • New Covenants by Remigus of Veriditius, Wizards Communion MuVi 10, Conjuring the Mystic Tower CrTe 35
  • Pathways by Scottus of Mercere, Parting the Waves ReAq 30, Intuition of the Forest InHe 10, Tracks of the Faerie Glow InTe 25
  • Restoration of the Blighted Limb by Margentius of Criamon, Restoration of the Blighted Limb CrCo 30, R:Touch/Near, D:Sun/Instant, T:Ind, Spell Focus: A Crutch (+1) "Heals most damage done to a limb, short of outright amputation or destruction. This includes the effects of poison, disease, malignant spells, premature aging or congenital conditions. In cases of simple injury from fire, cold, weapons or accidents, the spell heals one body level and, if duration Instant, adds +3 to subsequent recovery rolls."
  • Call of the Rushing Waters by Neptin Ex Miscellanea, InAq 15, R:Arc, D:Conc/Year, T:Ind
  • Voice of the Lake by Neptin Ex Miscellanea, InAq 25, R:Touch, D:Conc, T:Spec
  • The Incantation of Lightning by Neptin Ex Miscellanea, CrAu 35, R:Near/Sight, D:Mom, T:Spec
  • Curse of the Desert by Neptin Ex Miscellanea, PeAq20, R:Near/Sight, D:Inst, T:Ind
  • Whispers Through The Black Gate by Neptin Ex Miscellanea, InCo 15, R:Near, D:Conc, T:Ind
  • Sense the Nature of Vis by Neptin Ex Miscellanea, InVi 5, R:Touch/Near, D:Inst, T:Small, ArM
  • Chamber of Spring Breezes by Neptin Ex Miscellanea, CrAu 5, R:Near, D:Sun/Perm, T:Room/Str
  • Gift of Bears Fortitude by Neptin Ex Miscellanea, MuCo 25, R:Pers/Touch, D:Sun/Year, T:Ind
  • Gift of the Frogs Legs by Neptin Ex Miscellanea, ReCo 10, R:Touch/Near, D:Spec, T:Ind, ArM4
  • Edge of the Razor by Neptin Ex Miscellanea, MuTe 5, R:Touch, D:Sun/Perm, T:Small, ArM4
  • The Forgiving Earth by Neptin Ex Miscellanea, MuTe 15, R:Near, D:Sun/Inst, T:Spec, ArM4
  • Touch of the Goose feather by Neptin Ex Miscellanea, InCo 15, R:Near, D:Conc, T:Ind, ArM
  • Blood of the Dragon by Gurgeh of Bonisagus, MuAq40
  • Ward against Heat and Flames by Gurgeh of Bonisagus, ReIg25
  • Seven league stride by Gurgeh of Bonisagus, ReCo35
  • Cloak of daylight by Gurgeh of Bonisagus, faerie MuIm1