The Matter of Purbeck

An Art of Magic Saga


A list of magical items held in common stock by the Council.

The Diadems

Origin - Various locations throughout Old Calebais 

From the notes of Bodicea of Merinita, 1232 AD

"Slender C-shaped crowns made of gold wire, each with a green gemstone shaped like an eye worn at the forehead. The back of them is open and they are flexible enough to clasp to any normal sized head."  

Powers Revealed 

  • Perceive the Illusions of Mormulus (InIm30; R:Sight, D:Constant, T:Ind)
  • Control the Veil (ReIm30; R:Touch, D:Moon, T:Bound)
  • Magnify Personality (CrMe25; R:Touch, D:Constant, T:Ind)

The Bell of Ibyn

Origin - The Ninth Level of Old Calebais 

From the notes of Ornath of Guernicus, 1172 AD

"To make use of the Bell of Ibyn, a special ritual must be completed. Each rune on the Bell has its own meaning, and describes a particular virtue or vice. They are tied to the knobs on either side, which are opposites. Everyone who participates in the ritual must represent one of these traits. During the ceremony, the leader of the ritual must hold a mallet, with which to strike the Bell. Each participant must don a diadem, and come forth to stand beneath the Bell when their symbol was announced. He must then stike the knob, which makes the Bell tone most awfully if that person is participating for the first time. The leader must then file down the knob that corresponded to that persons trait until the tone becomes clear. After every knobs particular tone is realized, the leader then breaks five pawns of vis. Then the many powers of the Bell will become apparent."  

Powers Revealed 

  • Tone of Warning (ReIm15; R:Spec (Cov), D:Diam, T:Bound)
  • Deaths Toll (InCo20; R:Spec (Cov), D:Diam, T:Bound)
  • The Hidden Viewer (InAnMe25; R:Spec (Cov), D:Sun, T:Ind)

The Orb of Dreaming

Origin - Taken from Sigusen's Lair

From the notes of Thora of Criamon, 1238 AD

"An orb of green glass, with a bubble trapped inside. Anyone who holds the orb while sleeping may control their dreams. Aside from entertainment value, a magus may use the orb to continue research even while sleeping."

Powers Revealed 

  • Control Dreams (Non-Hermetic; R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind)

The Captains Shield

Origin - Taken from the Hrool Champion Hukla, outside Ieriymr's lab in Calebais

From the notes of Thora of Criamon, 1238 AD

"A metal kite shield emblazoned with a broken crown, the symbol of Calebais. The shield never rusts or tarnishes, and repairs any damage taken to it every sunrise and sunset. If the bearer holds the shield still for six seconds, the bearer and everything they carry turns invisible as long as the bearer remains still."

Powers Revealed 

  • Repair Damage (CrTe 24; R: Touch, D: Sun, T:Small)
  • Invisibility of the Standing Wizard (PeIm 19; R:Touch, D:Sun, T:Ind)

The Box of Wonders

Origin - ??? 

From the notes of Hastus Veriditius, 1230 AD

"The Box of Wonders, being a small box made of silver, is about four inches deep, held shut with a simple clasp. The silver is undecorated, but polished to mirror brightness, and does not seem to tarnish or scratch with handling. Whomsoever opens the box is bathed in a bright light from within it, and is presented with an image of their greatest desire within the Box, causing an obsession, and the weak willed do naught but stand and stare into the Box. It is possible there is a secret compartment in the Box, but these clumsy and burned fingers of mine are not nimble enough to find the spring." 

Powers Revealed 

  • Discern Desire  (InMe 20, Penetration 49; R: Eye, D:Mom, T:Ind)
  • Create Illusion  (CrIm 25; R: Eye, D: Sun T: Ind, Constant Effect)
  • Entrance Viewer  (ReMe 30, Penetration 52; R: Eye, D: Sun, T: Ind, Constant Effect) 

The Great Book of Infinite Perception

Origin - ??? 

From the notes of Boudicca of Merinita, 1228 AD

"The Great Book is a large tome with 32 silver pages, with a hard leather cover with a padlock. The key to the padlock has a stylus on the other end, which serves to engrave the Book, either to invest or activate powers. Each page has a power, and each page may only be used once per day. However, its current powers are repeated over several pages, allowing the powers to be used multiple times per day. With each new dawn, the pages are blank once more, their powers ready to be used again."

Powers Revealed 

  • The Ear for the DIstant Voice (InIm 20; R: Arc, D: Conc, T: Ind, Two pages)
  • Posing the Silent Question (InMe 20; R: Eye/Sight, D:Mom, T: Ind, Six pages)
  • Summon the Distant Image (InIm 25; R: Arc, D: Conc, T: Ind, Six pages)
  • The Inexorable Search (InCo 25; R: Arc, D: Conc, T:Ind, Four pages)
  • Thoughts within Babble (InMe 25; R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Ind, Two pages)


Origin - Gifted to Thora by Margentius the Mystic 

A small, silver sieve used to gather the moon's reflection in St. Pon's Pool. 

Powers Revealed 

  • Harvest the Moons Reflection (ReVi 5; R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Spc (St Pons Pool) 

The Sickle of Sir Golaine

Origin - Taken from the fey knight, Sir Golaine of the Twilight Court

From the notes of Antonius Arcadius, 1222 AD

"When buried under a large fieldstone, the Sickle quadruples the barley yields of all the fields a tall man could normally see while standing barefoot on the stone. Rocks must be cleared from the spring, the soil has to be hoed and not plowed, and if iron tools are ever used in the fields for hoeing or harvesting, the crop fails." 

Powers Revealed 

  • Quadruple the Yields of Barley (CrHe 35; R: Sight, D: Year, T: Bound)  

(Antonius suffers an extreme Twilight episode while studying the Sickle.) 


From the notes of Antonius Arcadius, 1223 AD

"One of the rocks cleared each spring has a faint faerie aura. If used as a cornerstone for a house built beyond the sound of church bells, it attracts a brownie who serves until thanked or rewarded with clothing, in which case the house collapses on its inhabitants. If four such cornerstones are used to build a house, not only will it attract four (loudly quarrelling) brownies, but a secret passage will open up in the attic or cellar leading to a faerie trod, leading to mysterious appearances or disappearances."

Powers Revealed

  • Summon Brownie (ReVi 30; R: Arc, D: Bargain, T: Small)
  • Open the Faerie Trod (InVi 35; R: Arc, D: Mom, T: Room) 

Unidentified Items

  • A byrnie with bronze trim
  • A byrnie with silver trim 
  • The Shattered Servant
  • Sir Igraines Spear
  • The Boars Tusks (one broken)
  • The Talking Heads (Mara, Abelain and Bertrem)
  • One urn of wax
  • Animal skin
  • Pestle and mortar
  • Poem scroll

Non-Magical Items


  • Three silver sculptures inscribed with clouds and lightning bolts
  • Three flasks of liquid 
  • Glass collection of butterflies
  • Bronze beaker
  • Pouch of crystals