Ghosts of Calebais Ghosts of Calebais Crenvalus, Magister of Control Crenvalus of Tytalus was the last of the wizards of Calebais, and wrote the letter describing the Bell of Ibyn and the means to bypass the Veil, which later found its way to New Road covenant. He was known to have had a dispute for leadership of the covenant with Ornath, follower of Guernicus. Ornath left over the dispute, and a year later Calebais fell to infighting amongst the remaining Council. 163717477 Ierimyr, Magister of Beasts A member of the original Council of Calebais, Ierimyr is now only a hazy, translucent image of a woman, who wanders aimlessly with a vacuous expression, wringing her hands and desperately unsure what to do about matters that have become to great for her. She is obsessed with protecting the Hrools, her creations, who she regards as children, and only responds to questions on an emotional level; rational and intellectual arguments mean nothing to her. 163717478 Mormulus, Magister of Illusion A member of the original Council of Calebais, he was credited with inventing the Veil, and binding the Dryad as its guardian. 163717483 Pitsdim, Magister of Flames One of the members of the original Council of Calebais, Pitsdim is now a terrifying image of a middle aged magus in burned and tattered robes, with wild dusty hair and even wilder eyes, violently swinging an iron tipped staff. He is obviously violently insane and completely without remorse - his grand speeches are barely intelligible, full of cliches and insulting banter; clearly a pre-amble to him burning everything in sight. 163717067