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Straagus, Archmage of the Courts

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Straagus, Archmage of the Courts
Straagus, a demon of Twilight and a patron of the Seven Deadly Sins, was transmuted into Hell's realm after a failed attempt to build his own Infernal regio in AD66 resulted in a huge hellfire, destroying a large section of Rome. In addition to his sorcerous craft, Straagus claims to have been a Senator of Rome during Nero's reign, and a close confidante to the Emperor. His original Roman name is unknown. Straagus quickly rose into the echelons for he was immediately contacted by seven of his goetic followers, who having watched their leader vanish into Hell were willing to dedicate their souls to him and become his agents. He broke the laws of the Watchers by using malefic magic to bind the souls back to their spirits, creating a unique set of avatars who were the envy of every lord in Hell. Straagus offered his services as court wizard to various fiefs, attempting to duplicate his results for those lords for a hefty fee. Although he was never again successful in his efforts, his fee was still charged. Finally, one devil, supported by Straagus's other irate customers, threatened Straagus with the Ritual of Exile. Straagus managed to bargain the punishment down - he agreed to send himself to earth in order to corrupt the new Order of Hermes he had head about, and when all 12 Primae of the 12 Houses succumbed to diabolism he would return to Hell and be received with royal pageantry. Straagus worked to undermine the Order for many years, until he was tricked out into the open on Easter Saturday by Margentius the Mystic, who banished the demon back to Hell. Straagus's untimely return to the Pit is unlikely to have pleased either his demonic accusers or the Watchers, who are certain to make him pay dearly for his failure.
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