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Margentius of Criamon

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Margentius of Criamon
Margentius was a reclusive and mysterious figure, rumoured to have destroyed his lab and magical equipment after a dream, and taken to wandering the lands as a beggar in rags. He was later discovered dwelling near St. Pons Pool in Swanage, where the local villagers believed he was a holy hermit. He was shadowed by Hectorus, an agent of House Quaesitor, and the two engaged in an almost constant battle of wills, Hectorus attempting to spy Margentius out using mundane means and non-Hermetic magic, although the old riddler proved himself maddeningly elusive. Margentius was the Parens of Thora of Criamon, and despite maintaining only erratic contact with her since she passed the Gauntlet, remained fond of her and always willing to offer guidance in his own cryptic fashion. After a long and drawn out period of spiritual battle against the twilight devil Straguus, Margentius finally suceeded in returning the devil to Hell when it was drawn into the open by Thora on Easter Saturday. The event soon reached the ears of the Quaesitors, who called the emergency Tribunal of 1239. Margentius proved immune to the Quaesitors Mentem, and only answered his charges with riddles, confounding and angering many in the assembly. He was found guilty of betraying his Hermetic Oath by joining the Order of St Nerius, and was subsequently executed.
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