The Matter of Purbeck

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Sigusen, Wyrm of the Tome

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Sigusen, Wyrm of the Tome
Sigusen is a thin, snake-like dragon with short legs but dexterous forepaws. Sixty feet long from snout to tail, he has wings, but spends all his time in his cave atop a mountain hidden within a magical Regio somewhere near the coast. Many stone stairs lead to its peak. Sigusen is writing a great tome on the nature of the universe in an ancient language, and is collecting knowledge of all kinds to support his views. To further his ends, he collects sagas as well. Gurgeh's mental brilliance, combined with his perceived lack of common sense, has drawn the unwelcome attention of the sage dragon, who has taken to sending his drake broodlings in human form to fetch Gurgeh to his mountain lair, where he must labour on the dragons great tome for months at a time. Sigusen is a cruel and arrogant master, and on learning that Gurgeh had gained access to Calebais, he arrived on their doorstep, demanding access in order to claim the Bell of Ibyn. He was met there and slain by the Knight Errant Sir Guillaume.
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