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Thora of Criamon

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Thora of Criamon
Thora of Criamon has the Gentle Gift, and thus mundanes and animals do not feel uncomfortable around her - in fact, many find her quiet presence quite soothing. Thora is a cautious observer by nature, and has a habit of being secretive. She is a passable storyteller with a love of riddles and games, and knows enough about etiquette to keep company with the higher strata of society. However, beneath this serene and graceful exterior lurks a terrible thirst for the rush of working magic. A chance encounter with the twilight demon Straguus during her apprenticeship to Margentius the Mystic left Thora forever susceptible to the powers of the Infernal. Thora is very careful when using her powers, but occassionally she succumbs to the addiction, hurling magic until she falls unconscious. Her magic also grows steadily more warped and unpleasant as it increases in power, often creating sinister and unsettling side effects. The demon Straguus continued to exert a growing presence over Thora's life, even as her former master Margentius faded ever further into the divine realm and away from reality. The struggle was finally resolved in Worth Matravers at the event now known as the Festival of the Damned. Thora and her allies faced down Straagus's minions and provoked the demon into revealing itself on Easter Saturday, whereupon Margentius appeared to cast it back into the Pit. It was the last time she would see her mentor until his execution at the hands of the tribunal for heresy against the Order. Now free from both Divine and Infernal influence, time will tell what path Thora of Criamon will forge for herself...
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