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Gurgeh of Bonisagus

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Gurgeh of Bonisagus
Gurgeh is of the prestigious House of Bonisagus, a young inventive genius who pursues the path of enigmatic wisdom, sharing in much of the incomprehensible dogma of the Criamon. His theories are given much weight by his fabled intelligence, though many older Bonisagus traditionalists frown on his radical views, his interest in the Enigma, and his association with Hedge Wizards. Hailing from the New Forest, he revels in chaotic magic, actively seeking out Twilight episodes in order to strengthen his understanding of the Enigma. He often remains calm and optimistic in the face of danger, confident that his vast intelligence can overcome any threat. This attitude is known to inspire equal parts awe and exasperation in his associates. Gurgeh often works ungodly hours on strange projects, and may sleep until well into the afternoon if not roused - he finds it difficult to break this pattern while travelling. Gurgeh achieved his goal of entering Calebais in 1223 - after a long, arduous struggle with the horrors encountered within, he finally decided the Broken Covenant was cursed and sealed the Well shut with a dome of magic stone. When Sir Guillame slew the dragon Sigusen at the edge of the Veil, Gurgeh claimed the Dragonstone from inside the great wyrms head. It is the first step on the path to immortality, but may come at a terrible cost...
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